Use of cookies

We use cookies (also known as Cookie) in our online store. A cookie is a small text file stored in an internet browser (for example Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari) in connection with an online store transaction, which enables the tracking of customers (also called visitors) who visit our online store pages.

The use of cookies generally facilitates online store transactions and, for example, our customers' login to the online store. In addition to this, the use of cookies also enables the compilation of different composite information about the customers of our online store.

The information collected with the help of cookies is anonymous, but it is possible to associate the information with the personal information received from the user and use it to produce targeted advertising (also known as retargeting). Retargeting means that you may see the products you recently viewed in our online store or other products related to them in ads on other websites as well.

The use of cookies is safe and they do not damage users' computers or files. If you wish, you can turn off the use of cookies in the settings of your internet browser, but turning off cookies may affect the proper functioning of online shopping services.