Testiryhmä testasi Puhdas+ Hairboosteria mahtavin tuloksin

The test team tested Puhdas+ Hairbooster with great results

At the beginning of 2021, we are looking for a seven-person test group for the new Puhdas+ Hairbooster product. Six women and one man were selected for the test group, all of whom had challenges with hair health or hair growth. Puhdas+ Hairbooster is intended to support hair health and hair growth and contains seven unique and well-absorbed power nutrients. The zinc, biotin and selenium contained in the product promote the well-being of the hair, and the copper supports the natural pigmentation of the hair. The test group used the product for two months according to the dosage instructions, two capsules a day. In addition to the capsules, the test group was able to use Puhdas+ Collagen shampoo and conditioner during the test period. "I notice that the hair has become stronger and more new hair is coming out. My hair felt strong after washing, it doesn't fall out as much as before!" Based on the feedback received from the test group, 6/7 of the test group members received benefit or significant benefit from using the product. Despite the very short test period, the strength of the hair in particular improved, the hair became thicker and the hair loss decreased so much that even a reputable hairdresser noticed it. As a bonus, some of the test group also experienced positive effects on the scalp and the condition of the nails. Read the comments of the test team members below and see the pictures! - Did you experience/observe an effect of the product on hair health? Reduced hair loss? Did the hair thicken/thick? Were there effects on the scalp? Did your hair grow longer? Tytti: "My hair grew surprisingly much during the period and the base feels stronger than before. The hair didn't fall out that much, but the capsules didn't help with the dryness of the scalp." Susanna: " I think the hair became thicker during use and the hair growth increased, maybe the hair loss also decreased a little. I didn't notice any great effect on the scalp. " Tiina: " I've had a rash on my scalp as well as on my hands, during this time it never came to my head and my scalp feels really healthy. The hair didn't fall out at all 🤩 I have bushy and thick hair anyway so I can't say about that and I hope not 😂 but the hair maybe "softened" in a good way when otherwise the hair is rough like a horse's hair ... and it really grew in length and the bad nails came too really strong" Sonja: " Before the start of the test period, I visited a hairdresser whose customer I have been all my life. At the end of the test period, I had made a new appointment, so the hairdresser could also see the results. The hair grew at a normal pace during these two months (I go to the hairdresser to cut my hair every 2 months), I didn't notice that the hair had grown faster. Usually, I get new hair mostly on my forehead, but now I could see new hair elsewhere too. Hairbooster has clearly activated hair growth! Even the hairdresser estimates that the hair roots seem stronger now . " Karita: " Perhaps the examination period was too short to affect the health of the hair. However, I think I have more so-called Baby hair and I also noticed that the hair has not necessarily fallen out as much as before. Swelling is partially noticeable, the growth rate remained very much the same. Due to the winter, the scalp has been flaky and itchy, and I couldn't get any relief from it." Johanna: " I notice that the hair has become stronger and more new hair is coming out. My hair felt strong after washing, it doesn't fall out as much as before!" Ville: "I haven't noticed a difference in a few months now." You can find out about Puhdas+ products that support hair health HERE
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