Liikkujan tärkein hivenaine - saatko sitä kesällä tarpeeksi?

The most important trace element for an active person - do you get enough of it in the summer?

Summer is a great time to exercise outdoors - many of us have summer vacation, and time to be more active in different forms of exercise. Exercising outdoors during warm weather and bright evenings is more comfortable than in winter, but the hotter summer weather and increased sweating should also be taken into account in the exerciser's diet.

Magnesium is the most important trace element for an active athlete. The normal intake recommendation for magnesium is 280 mg for women and 350 mg for men, however, heavy exercise increases the need for magnesium considerably. An endurance athlete's daily magnesium requirement can be up to 1500 mg for women, and 2500 mg for men. It is impossible to get this amount of magnesium from food, no matter how carefully you plan your diet.

The easiest way to supplement magnesium intake in the diet is to use high-quality food supplements. The Puhdas+ product line contains 100% pure magnesium citrate powder - the product does not contain any sweeteners, dyes or fillers. Pure magnesium powder is also suitable for users with a sensitive stomach.

As an active person who sleeps well, I prefer taking the first dose of magnesium in the morning, if I already know in advance that today is going to be hard. I take the second dose with the last meal of the evening. Magnesium improves the quality of sleep for many people, so if you know that you don't fall asleep easily after vigorous activity, then you should only take magnesium in the evening. Excess intake of magnesium is easy to recognize - if the stomach starts to show symptoms (usually a loose stomach), you should reduce the dosage a little until the stomach calms down again.

There is also a magnesium spray in the Pudas+ product line - the spray is pleasant to apply and is quickly absorbed through the skin. When hiking in the fells of Lapland, magnesium spray has long been an essential thing to pack in my travel bag for the undersigned. I apply the spray to my calves, hamstrings, thighs and soles of my feet when the muscles are strained from the day's brisk and tough climbs.

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