Esittelyssä Puhdas+ Athlete Marjo Remes

Introducing Puhdas+ Athlete Marjo Remes

Marjo Remes, 33-year-old organ transplant athlete.

I underwent an acute heart transplant in the fall of 2009. The reason for the transplant was a prolonged cycle of flu, several medical errors, and finally my own heart failing me during the surgery required for the aortic valve.

Recovering from the transfer and rehabilitating to be able to exercise and work required a lot of work and took several months. However, the work did not end when the hospital periods were over. The new heart needs special care for the rest of its life, and as a former active exerciser, I understood the importance of exercise for both myself and the new heart's well-being. Long-term fitness and sports towards stronger physical and mental performance eventually led to professional training and a sports career. With a new heart, I became a transplant athlete for track and field.

2017 Marjo won gold in the height in her age group at the European Championships for transplant recipients in Malaga, and Marjo has a bigger pile of European medals.

What next?

I train alternate years for the EC and World Championships for organ transplant recipients. The next European Championships are in Italy in June 2018 and the World Championships in New Castle 2019. My sports are high jump, long jump, 100m and shot put. My coach is former international heptathlon player Salla Rinne.

With my story, I want to encourage and create faith in people who face difficulties, but also basic health to take care of themselves.

You can follow Marjo's happy mood on the blog and on Instagram @elinsiirtoourheilija_marjoremes
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