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Organic hemp seeds 300g

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Nutritious hemp seeds are especially rich in energy, protein and good fats. They are suitable for versatile use in baking and cooking, for example in your own muesli or salad. Hemp seeds are also well suited as part of a homemade snack mix and to bring more flavor and nutrients to warm dishes and baked goods as well. The taste of the seeds is nutty and strong.

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EN: Suitable for eating as is, as well as for baking and cooking.

SV: Use for baking and cooking


EN: Organic hemp seed. Does not contain lactose, yeast or gluten.

SV: Organic hemp. Contains no lactose, yeast or gluten.

Nutritional content / Nutrient content 100 g

Energy/Energy 1,938 kJ (470 kcal)

Fat 35.0 g

of which saturated fat/reserve fat fett 3.1 g

omega-3 fatty acids/ fatty acids 7.5 g

omega-6 fatty acids/ fatty acid 19.5 g

Carbohydrates/Kolhydrater 1.27 g

of which sugars/varav sockerarter 1.27 g

Dietary fiber/Fiber 31.5 g

Protein/Protein 24.0 g

Salt 0 g


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