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Maltodextrin 1kg

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Puhdas+ maltodextrin is an unflavored carbohydrate powder made from corn. Maltodextrin mixes easily with liquid - is easily absorbed and is stomach-friendly. Maltodextrin can be used for energy refueling before training and for recovery after training. If necessary, maltodextrin can also be used during long-term performance and is suitable for use as one carbohydrate source in connection with carbohydrate refueling before long-term performances. Maltodextrin is suitable for use in all sports - from strength and power sports to endurance sports and team sports. If necessary, maltodextrin can be mixed with a power booster, electrolyte powder, amino acids or protein powder.

The DE number of Puhdas+ maltodextrin is 13.

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FI: Mix 1 dl (about 50g) with 3-4 dl of water and shake in a shaker. During the execution, if necessary, you can increase the amount of liquid.

SV: Mix 1dl (ca. 50g) with 3-4dl of water and skaka in a shaker. During the operation, you will need a lot of liquid.


FI: 100% corn maltodextrin.

Lactose-free, gluten-free. Does not contain artificial colors or sweeteners.

SV: 100% maltodextrin från majs.

Lactose-free, gluten-free. Innerhåller inga konstgjorda färgämnen eller sötningsmedel.