Tiesitkö että kaikki Puhdas+ kosmetiikkatuotteet valmistetaan Tuusulassa?

Did you know that all Puhdas+ cosmetic products are made in Tuusula?

Puhdas+ cosmetic products are manufactured in our own factory at Nordic BioCosmetic Production in Tuusula. Our factory has already started operating in the 1950s and it was the first cosmetics factory in Finland to receive the ECOCERT certificate already in 2008.

The story of our factory began in the 1960s, when local Karl Lark, who worked with fine perfumes, decided to build a cosmetics factory on Helsinki's Pitäjänmäki. In 1999, the factory was taken over by the Swedish Marja Entrich AB and the factory got a new name Nordic BioCosmetic.

Marja Entrich was a skin therapist who trusted the power of creams she developed from pure natural ingredients. He had originally developed the creams in his own clinic in Stockholm in the early 1940s. Already at that time, he focused on the development of 100% plant-based cosmetic products, emphasizing high quality and respect for the environment. His "green" philosophy was significantly ahead of its time and it still forms the basis of the factory's operations. This green philosophy was further confirmed in 2008, when the factory received ECOCERT certification for natural cosmetics, the first in Finland.

In 2018, the factory was taken over by us and our partners. Today, the factory is located in Tuusula and employs 15 professionals.


Finnish product development

Our expert cosmetic chemists and laboratory technicians develop products that offer the best for the skin but are also environmentally friendly. We use natural, plant-based and researched raw materials in our products. The production of products is guided by honesty, transparency and respect for nature.

Sustainable development

Our factory is committed to making all our processes as sustainable as possible. All of this is related to different things: how plants are cultivated, how raw materials are produced, what kind of energy we use to minimize carbon dioxide emissions, how we minimize the waste generated, how we transport goods. In terms of sustainable development, we all play a key role in the life and well-being of nature.

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