Laadukas kalaöljy puhdas+ premium omega-3

Do you know where the fish oil you use comes from?

Overfishing is already a problem in many of the world's oceans, so when choosing an omega-3 product, you should pay attention not only to the purity of the product, but also to how sustainable development and ethics have been taken into account in the production.

Pure fish oil is made from anchovies. Anchovies are small fish at the bottom of the food chain, so they cannot accumulate pollutants and heavy metals. Anchovies are not endangered and are fished from the unpolluted waters of the South Pacific. Anchovies contain a lot of EPA and DHA, unlike, for example, farmed salmon. EPA and DHA are important for the heart, vision and brain. In sustainable production, each batch of fish oil is 100% traceable. The fish are caught in an area that is no more than 300 kilometers from the coast, after which the fish are brought to the factory located on the beach, which means that the journey to production is really short. At the Golden Omega factory, the bottom oil is produced within 36 hours of fishing, and what remains of the fish is used as food for farm animals.

In the manufacture of Friend Of The Sea-certified products, the requirements of sustainable fishing and responsible manufacturing processes are followed, in which case the diversity of the sea and nature is taken into account throughout the value chain. The fish oil factory does not produce pollution and the factory actively participates in cleaning the beaches. Golden Omega is committed to environmentally friendly operations and is committed to nature conservation so that operations do not leave a footprint in the sea. 100% of the electrical energy used in the operation of the factory is supplied from renewable energy sources. Golden Omega also leads the "Olas Zero Plástico" campaign, which aims to raise awareness of the impact of plastic waste on wildlife, as well as promote recycling and cleaning that help preserve the purity and life of the ocean.

How to identify pure fish oil? Pure fish oil is light in color and has a neutral smell and taste. In fish oils, the TOTOX value indicates how much the oil is oxidized. The lower the value, the less it oxidizes and the purer the fish oil is. The TOTOX number of high-quality and pure fish oil is less than 5, which means that it oxidizes very little.

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