Täydellinen ruokavalio – mikä se on vai onko sellaista?

The perfect diet - what is it or does it exist?

Unfortunately, there is no universal, perfect diet for everyone. So you can forget about the pursuit of perfection and focus on a few things in the basics of the diet, which are generally beneficial to everyone, regardless of the situation. Focus on making sure your diet:

1. Promotes health

Nutrition is one of the biggest factors affecting our health. That is why it is extremely important that the diet should contain as many food items that are beneficial to health as possible and as little as possible that are not beneficial to health.

2. Contains nutrient-rich foods

Diet can be thought of from the perspective of nutrients; choose more often foods that contain as many and versatile different nutrients as possible. A good tool for this is, for example, the Fineli database.

3. Consists of natural food ingredients

Typically, the most nutrient-rich foods are natural (for example, various plant products or internal organs). Such food ingredients and home-made food often contain less salt, sugar, saturated fat and additives than, for example, meals or ready-made meals.

4. Is flexible

Flexibility is the cornerstone of a healthy relationship with food. The world doesn't fall over, even if you occasionally end up with snacks on your plate, or if you treat yourself to ice cream on the weekend. Pay attention to the whole is a good rule of thumb. Find the best way for you!

5. Is versatile

Variety means not only that you eat something from different food groups (vegetables, meat, grain products, etc.), but also that you don't always rely on the same food items. Get to know the food in the store, and sometimes choose romaine lettuce instead of iceberg lettuce, buckwheat instead of oats, and turkey or tofu instead of chicken.

6. Brings satiety

Feelings of hunger and satiety guide eating. Adequate satiety after a meal contributes to weight control, as it supports a regular meal rhythm and curbs the need to snack.

7. Produces a good feeling both mentally and physically

It is important to apply the points mentioned above in a way that the diet makes you feel good both mentally and physically. Changing your lifestyle can be extremely difficult and mentally draining at first, but in the long run it will reward you at least twice as much. The author is Puhdas+ athlete team member Jade Liikkanen, who is a student of nutrition and biomedicine. Get to know Jade, for example, on Instagram @jadejessika
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