Sports Drink – kotimaassa valmistettu hiilihydraatti-elektrolyyttijuomajauhe

Sports Drink – domestically produced carbohydrate-electrolyte drink powder

Update your sports drink for modern times - Puhdas+ Sports Drink is a domestically produced carbohydrate-electrolyte drink powder

Puhdas+ sports drink has a mild lemon flavor and is easy to enjoy even during hard sports performances. Carbohydrate drinks are used especially in connection with long-term sports performances, but Puhdas+ sport drink is suitable as a source of additional energy for any sport.

Puhdas+ sports drink improves fluid absorption during performance.

When designing the product, we wanted to eliminate as many unnecessary additives from the recipe as possible, since they do not bring any additional benefits to the product. The steviol glycoside used as a sweetener does not irritate the stomach in the same way as, for example, the commonly used aspartame and acesulfame-K.

The drink is suitable for use both before training and during training - if you use it as a recovery drink after training, remember to also take into account sufficient protein intake.

The drink can also be used for long runs in preparation for carbohydrate refueling. In this case, the amount of carbohydrates in the drink per deciliter of finished drink is slightly higher, you can find instructions for this purpose on the package label as well.

In connection with the use of sports drinks containing sugars and malic acid, you should remember to take care of the well-being of the teeth carefully - for example in the form of xylitol tablets or - in a jar. Read more about the product.

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