Puhdas+ täyttää 10 vuotta

Puhdas+ turns 10 years old

Puhdas+ turns 10 years old this year.

The Puhdas+ brand started in 2013 out of love for cleanliness and simplicity. We had been wondering for a long time how the health and wellness products and cosmetics on the market were full of E-codes and other extra substances.

We learned and realized that it is possible to produce health and beauty products with high quality and without unnecessary additives. For us, the simplicity of the product and the short list of ingredients is a goal state that is always possible to achieve. The end result of our manufacturing is a well-being product valued by consumers without anything unnecessary or extra.

In 2013, we started with four products, now we already have hundreds of products in our selection. We started with nutritional supplements, but now our selection also includes cosmetic products and wellness products. In 2018, we bought our own natural cosmetics factory, which allows us to offer a great selection of domestic cosmetic products.


Birthday campaign

In honor of your birthday, we offer you, our loyal customers, an excellent benefit:

When you buy three collagen, lactic acid bacteria or vitamin D products, you get a Luxury Glow Booster (value €49.90). The campaign is valid in our own online store and at selected retailers.

What is Luxury Glow Booster?

Luxury Glow Booster is a powerful skin moisturizer & smoother! The serum containing hyaluronic acid moisturizes, smooths, balances and soothes the sensitive skin of the face and neck. It smooths lines and wrinkles. Finnish organic birch sap enhances the moisturizing and soothing effect of the serum.


Note! The Luxury Glow Booster is automatically added to your order after you have purchased three campaign products (the product will not appear in the shopping cart).


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