Puhdas+ mukana Face it -valmennuksissa

Puhdas+ involved in Face it trainings

Face it, skin care personal trainer online.

We are pleased to announce a collaboration with Face it skin coaching!

In addition to externally used products , the skin and its condition are also radically affected by lifestyle and what you eat. Face it coaching is not only designed to treat skin problems, but in Face it coaching, you get information tailored to your skin individually from a skin therapist and nutritional coach to find the most comprehensive solution possible, taking into account your needs and life situation. Our domestic Puhdas+ food supplements support a healthy diet that suits you. Dietary supplements that promote the well-being of the skin and body are especially probiotics, omega-3, zinc, biotin, collagen and sea buckthorn preparations.

How does Face it coaching work? In training, a skin analysis is performed. The information form asks about your skin care and nutrition habits, as well as lifestyle-related questions. After filling out the pre-information form, the skin therapist and nutrition coach will give you personal, customized coaching, after which you will receive a comprehensive information package about your skin, raw material recommendations for home care products, daily skin care routines specifically for your skin, and nutritional recommendations that will help your skin care and contribute to your overall well-being.
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