Puhdas+ mukaan Jopox varainhankinnan kumppaniksi

Puhdas+ joins Jopox as a fundraising partner

The prevailing pandemic has also put many sports clubs in a difficult financial situation, and in addition, social relations, exercise and community spirit among young people are now more important than ever. Sports clubs are of great importance to thousands of young people from both health and social points of view. Due to these reasons, we didn't have to think long when the opportunity opened up to become Jopox's fundraising partner. The activities of many comedy clubs are run purely by volunteers. Different game trips, equipment purchases and better hobby opportunities, however, cause costs that cannot be fully covered by the volunteer's parents and grandparents' wallets. Fundraising is one of the best and most effective ways to cover the costs of club activities. Jopox is Finland's most versatile operational management system for sports clubs, and its fundraising functionality offers clubs, juniors and their parents a great and easy way to raise the club's coffers:
  • Jopox's fundraising tool increases the fundraising opportunities of teams/groups and the entire sports club, by offering teams/groups an electronic tool for sales work. To support the operation, the products for sale can be presented on the screen anywhere and at any time, and the order can be sent at the same time.
  • With the fundraising tool, teams/groups can see in real time how sales are progressing. The main users of the club are able to monitor and manage the entire fundraising process.
  • The fundraising tool offers several different product suppliers and their wide range of products for sale.
From Puhdas+'s selection, clubs are able to offer numerous high-quality wellness products suitable for sports and everyday life. Club members or parents can buy products if they wish, even for their own needs and thus accumulate income for their own team or group's coffers. From each Jopox fundraising campaign, the team/group gets a 40% return! More information on the subject from Jopox's website: https://jopox.fi/uutiset/helppoa-varainhankintaa-nyt-myos-laadukkailla-ja-kotimaisella-puhdas-hyvinvointiproductuille/
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