Puhdas+ ja Suomen luonnonsuojeluliitto yhteistyöhön

Puhdas+ and the Finnish Nature Conservation Union to cooperate

The Nature Conservancy and Puhdas+ protect the blueberry

Our country celebrates its 100th birthday this year. Finnish nature is a unique and irreplaceable source of well-being. However, our forest nature is becoming impoverished at an ever-increasing pace – there are as many as 814 endangered forest species.

- Clear-cutting threatens many species. For example, the blueberry growing area is 50% smaller than in the 1950s, and the familiar resident of our forests is now endangered. The goal of the Finnish Nature Conservation Union is that the most valuable areas of our forest nature have been identified and protected, and the last islands of the old forest have been protected, says Paloma Hannonen, a conservation expert at the Finnish Nature Conservation Union.

Puhdas+, together with the Norwegian Environmental Protection Association, wants to put its cards in the pile to protect forests and challenges everyone to join. The centenary of Finland is celebrated with Suomi100 campaign packages, part of the proceeds of which goes to the forest conservation work of the Finnish Nature Conservation Association.

- Nature is an important source of well-being for us living in Finland. We can go for a refreshing walk in the forest while enjoying what it has to offer. Puhdas+ softwood extract and blueberry and lingonberry extract are examples of how valuable raw materials for health and well-being can be found in our nature, describes marketing manager Piritta Vaarna from Puhdas+.

Puhdas+ is a series of health and wellness products stripped of everything extra. The products are made in Finland from researched and effective materials of raw materials. Ecological, natural and clean production is emphasized.

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