Puhdas+ ja jalkapalloseura FC Haka ovat solmineet yhteistyösopimuksen.

Puhdas+ and football club FC Haka have signed a cooperation agreement.

- We are very excited about the cooperation with Puhdas+. We were impressed by the high-quality protein and nutritional supplement products, which are a valuable part of the team's daily activities. At Haka, we work responsibly to develop the conditions for top sports, and cooperation with Puhdas+ perfectly complements this goal. Worlds of values ​​come together in a great way in the form of cooperation, commented FC Haka CEO Olli Huttunen .

– The best thing about Pudas+ products is that they are, as the name suggests, clean! The products do not contain anything extra, adds Huttunen.

We at Puhdasplus are very happy that Haka chose us as a partner. FC Haka is one of Finland's most successful football clubs of all time. Haka has the second most Finnish championships in Finland and the club has a strong and meaningful sports history.

Puhdas+ strongly invests in the well-being of active and athletic people, and we consider the agreement with FC Haka to be very significant. For our part, we want to help Valkeakoski Haka develop further.

VIDEO: Puhdas+ high-quality products help Haka's team in recovery. This is how captain Niklas Friberg reminds goalkeeper Aatu Hakala in the video


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