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Oils in beauty care

Oils are multipurpose beauty care products, as they are suitable for skin care for the face, body, hair and nails. The Puhdas+ oil selection includes various oils that can be used versatilely in beauty care.

Castor oil is a natural way to help eyelashes grow longer and thicker, the oil also works for sparse eyebrows. The oil can be used in the finishing phase of eye make-up removal by applying the oil to the base of the eyelashes. This multipurpose oil is also especially suitable for dry and irritated skin. The oil can also be used to treat rashes or insect bites, but due to its high protein content, it is an excellent oil for beauty care.

Carrot oil is a favorite summer product that gives the skin a beautiful glow, leaving it moisturized and soft. The oil promotes tanning and deepens the tone of already tanned skin. The product does not contain a sun protection factor, so please remember to protect your lovely skin by also using sunscreen.

Dreaming of thick and healthy hair? Don't throw away the boiled snacks after your coffee break. You get a scalp-pleasing and refreshing exfoliation when you mix castor oil with coffee grounds. Massage the mixture gently into the scalp, leave it on for a while, rinse and wash your hair.

You get beautifully glowing summer legs when you dry brush your skin before applying carrot oil. Using a body brush refreshes the skin, removes dead skin cells, invigorates the surface blood circulation of the skin and brightens the skin tone. Add a few drops of carrot oil to your moisturizer or body oil to spread the oil evenly.

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