Maailman laadukkainta vettä

The best quality water in the world

Puhdas+ is one of the main shareholders in the spring that produces the world's highest quality water and the water company in Finnish Lapland. The water company produces the world's highest quality and ecologically produced fresh water, ensuring the preservation of water resources and biodiversity for future generations. With the new partnership, the world's highest quality water will soon be available under the Puhdas+ brand at points of sale all over Finland. In addition to this, the world's highest quality water will be used in all our production. During this year, we will also bring to the market the very strong vitamin waters made from this water - of course without artificial sweeteners or other additives.

About the differences in the taste of water

We in Finland have one of the cleanest waters in the world. Our tap water is so clean that, unlike many other countries, we can even use it as drinking water. However, our tap water is not perfect and regionally there may be big differences in water quality. At water purification plants, the necessary chlorine is added to the water to clean impurities and various bacteria from the water, in addition to which our tap water is currently traveling tens of kilometers through tens of years old water pipes to our apartments. Chlorine and plumbing impurities may introduce unpleasant side tastes into the water.

Puhdas+ spring water comes from a spring located 700m above sea level. The source is located more than 100m higher than any settlement in the area. The high location of the source guarantees the superior purity of the water, when there is no dirty runoff water. In addition, the water of the spring has been filtered from the earth layers formed by the ice ages, giving the water a clean, soft and refined taste. The production facility is located in an organic collection area, which further ensures that no pollution gets into the water.

The bad taste and purity of water can be easily improved at home with various filters that can be connected to the tap and separate water filtering jugs. Domestic Aqva does a great job here and offers households solutions for both drinking and service water. You can get to know Aqva here:

Other uses of water

In addition to drinking water, at Puhdas+, water is also needed in the production of nutritional supplements and especially cosmetics. In our goal to manufacture products of the highest possible quality, this spring water partnership is yet another step forward. We strongly believe that even cleaner water, also in cosmetics, will further improve the quality and user experience of our products. In addition, own water enables the production of other products that are better than those currently on the market. An example of this is the strong and additive-free vitamin waters coming to the market during the spring, the production of which has not used artificial sweeteners.

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