Kesä, grillijuhlat ja lomamatkat - näin pidät hyvää huolta vatsastasi

Summer, barbecue parties and vacation trips - this is how you take good care of your stomach

For many of us, summer vacations and parties mean a deviation from the normal diet - and unfortunately, it often comes with various stomach problems. With these three simple tips, you can take care of your stomach's well-being and enjoy the summer in complete peace.


An easy but effective tip for many people with sensitive stomachs - you shouldn't eat through all the dishes at the party table and eat yourself to death. Rather eat smaller portions while enjoying the foods you really like, your stomach will probably feel much better and the party will go on lighter.


Digestive enzymes are responsible for your digestion - the more and more diversely you get living enzymes from your food, the better your digestion will be. Natural sources of enzymes are e.g. sauerkraut and unheated apple cider vinegar.

You can use easy-to-carry enzyme capsules at parties and on trips.


A good bacterial strain in the stomach is essential for the well-being of your entire body - not only in relation to the functioning of your stomach and intestines. The good bacteria in the stomach can be supported with natural sourdoughs - for example, sauerkraut and kombucha tea drink contain a lot of natural probiotics.

Various probiotic preparations are an easy and effective way to build and support the good bacteria in the stomach. There are two strong probiotic preparations in the Puhdas+ product line - 5 and 10 billion live bacteria per capsule. The preparations are suitable for the whole family, starting from school age, and the products are also suitable for continuous use.

Our product line also includes boulardii yeast probiotic , which is the only probiotic preparation that withstands the use of antibiotics - so if you have to take antibiotics during summer trips, I definitely recommend using this probiotic preparation.

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