Helli talvi-ihoa öljyillä

Care for winter skin with oils

The Puhdas+ selection contains wonderful oils that are perfect for treating tight and lifeless winter skin right now. Choosing the right oil for your skin can seem difficult at first, but I recommend adding oil treatments that are perfect for your skin to your winter beauty routine.


Argan oil contains plenty of antioxidants that repair skin cell damage, protect and slow down skin aging. Argan oil is particularly rich in vitamin E, which helps heal inflammation and skin irritations, and normalizes dry and scaly skin. The perfect oil to use as an intensive treatment. Argan oil is well suited for, for example, atopic, proriasis or acne skin. Some people also use argan oil to remove make-up and for the skin around the eyes.


If your skin is normal or particularly sensitive and argan oil feels too strong and harsh, then mild almond oil is a softening and nourishing alternative. It is also suitable for use as a massage oil. Try an almond oil mask with honey. Mix 1/2 teaspoon of almond oil and 1/2 teaspoon of honey until completely combined. Apply the mask to the face and neck area and leave it on for 10-30 minutes.


Jojoba oil treats and nourishes the skin and hair and binds moisture. The undersigned recommends jojoba oil especially for the treatment of combination skin, but jojoba oil also balances sebum production and treats inflammation. The oil can also be used for oil cleansing, as a serum under a night cream or as a bath oil. A particularly wonderful oil to use in winter.

Impure skin and oils: It is generally thought that by using oil, impure skin's own oil production increases and causes more pimples. However, by regularly using an oil suitable for the skin, the production of the sebaceous gland can be normalized. In this way, the skin is calmed down and optimally nourished. For example, for young and impure skin, oils are a better option than overly drying products.

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