Esittelyssä Puhdas+ Athlete Tiina Vaskelainen

Introducing Puhdas+ Athlete Tiina Vaskelainen

Tiina Vaskelainen Sports lifestyle athlete and fitness professional

About fitness since 2003.

Healthy lifestyles and the disciplined life of an athlete are things I enjoy immensely. It's been an incredibly good feeling and it's great to be part of the Puhdas+ team and spend time together. In addition to sports, I work in the restaurant industry and act as a sports model, as well as do promo/presentation gigs from time to time.

Exercise in its various forms has always been a part of my life and punting has been a part of my hobbies since middle school when the main sports varied from skiing to ringette, after which fitness took me completely with it and has been a part of my life.

These years of competition have accumulated a commendable amount, and the years have included incredible, unforgettable moments and competitive trips. I have been able to meet and get to know wonderful people around the sport. One of the best things has been seeing, experiencing and living the life of a professional athlete. My goal is a successful profession.

2005 Body & Fitness Turku 3 2005 Body Fitness SM Lahti Expo 6 2006 Body & Fitness Turku 7 2006 Body Fitness SM Lahti Expo 6 2007 Body & Fitness Turku 6 2007 Body Fitness SM Lahti Expo 8 2009 Fitness Classic Helsinki 3 2010 Fitness Classic Helsinki 1 2010 EC Representation Serbia 2011 Fitness Classic Helsinki 3 2011 WC qualifier Lappeenranta 2 2011 Fitness Expo Helsinki SM 3 2011 WC Serbia 12 2011 PM Sweden 4 2013 Fitness Classic Helsinki 1 2013 EC Spain 7 2014 Fitness Classic Helsinki 1

2014 European Champion (body Fitness -163cm) 2015 Fitness Professional ( IFBB pro card ) Figure Pro

2015 Nordic Pro Finland 2015 San Marino Pro Italy 2016 Puerto Rico Pro show Tim Cardner Production USA 2016 San Marino Pro Italy 2017 IFBB Elitepro


The most important thing is the journey, not the destination, and as Tiina's motto on the way:

Don't talk, act Don't say, show Don't promise, just prove

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