Esittelyssä Puhdas+ Athlete Jori Kota-aho

Introducing Puhdas+ Athlete Jori Kota-aho

I am an exercise counselor from Mäntsälä and a trained and certified Personal Trainer. Exercise has always been an important part of my life and I spent my youth in boxing. Strong motivation combined with large amounts of training and lack of knowledge led to a year-long overfit and a sports ban. This difficult year in my life left its mark, but also taught me a lot about myself. After the overtime, I came back mentally stronger and wiser. During my conscript service, I returned boxing to my life and won the Finnish conscript boxing championship in 2012.

After my military service, I was offered the opportunity to work full-time in the field of sports and at the same time train as a sports counselor in Pajulahti. I immediately felt like I was in my own field, because I enjoy being able to improve other people's quality of life and making them surpass themselves. Because of the evening work, I had to leave boxing and look for a new sport for myself, which is when I discovered bodyweight training and Street Workout. The endless challenges offered by bodyweight training and the constant learning of new things have completely taken me along. The goal of my own training is to be as versatile an athlete as possible. My highlight of 2016 was winning the Finnish championship of Street Workout in the -80kg category. In 2017, I was able to compete in the Gladiators program, where I tore the cartilage ring in my shoulder joint. Despite everything, I got to judge the 2017 Street Workout Championship competitions. I have learned to listen to and respect my own body, which supports my goal of developing into the best version of myself, both mentally and physically.

You can find Jori's training tips on the following channels: On Instagram @jorikotis Facebook Personal Trainer Jori Kota-aho Youtube PT Jori Kota-aho Website
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