Esittelyssä Puhdas+ Athlete Elina Risku

Introducing Puhdas+ Athlete Elina Risku

Elina Risku, 26-year-old Olympic speed skater and wellness entrepreneur

I ended my elite sports career last spring, after which I have worked in my own wellness company as a personal trainer, nutrition coach and skating technique instructor. I'm from Seinäjoki, but I moved to Oulu a few years ago. The training of a professional athlete is carefully programmed, so now I have enjoyed the "freedom" to move however I want. I have tried new sports for myself, which for one reason or another I could not try during my career.

I am grateful to be part of the Puhdas+ team, because I have gotten to know great nutritional supplements, which have been part of my daily use for almost two years now, and I have been able to spend time with other team members.

You can follow Elina's brisk progress on the following channels: Instagram @elinariskutraining Facebook Homepage: Elina's photo: Stoorila / Tanja Lipponen.
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