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Vitamin D intake - How do I know what is the right dosage of a dietary supplement for me?

Vitamin D is an important factor influencing our health, which we can influence ourselves. Due to our northern location and the resulting darkness, vitamin D intake is particularly important for Finns. What all does vitamin D affect and how can we guarantee that we get enough of it throughout the year?

Ensure adequate vitamin D intake throughout the year

Vitamin D has a very comprehensive effect on human health. Vitamin D affects calcium absorption and bone health. Vitamin D is needed for immune defense, i.e. it affects staying healthy. In addition, more research is constantly being done on the importance of vitamin D for many other functions of the body.

Vitamin D is mainly obtained from the sun, but also from food and, of course, from supplements. On average, Finns get too little vitamin D precisely because of the low amount of sunlight. Even during daylight hours in the summer, the body's vitamin reserves are not necessarily replenished. In summer, the skin is protected by clothes from the harmful effects of the sun, in which case the vitamin stores may not be sufficiently replenished.

It is quite difficult to get the necessary amount of vitamin D through food; Vitamin D is found naturally in, for example, fish and mushrooms. A nutritional supplement is often necessary all year round. You can find high-quality vitamin D supplements in the Pudas+ selection.

Vitamin D level measurement without a referral

The intake and absorption of vitamin D is individual. You can find out your vitamin D level with Puhdi's tests, which you can easily access without a referral. In general, the lower limit of a sufficient vitamin D level in a laboratory test is 75 nmol/l. Especially if the concentration is below 50 nmol/l, it means a vitamin deficiency. Compare the results you obtained in the laboratory test with the reference values ​​and increase the dosage of the vitamin D supplement if necessary (within the limits of the safe daily dose for an adult, 100 μg).

You can clearly see whether your result is within the reference values ​​from the Puhdi result report. The result is also presented visually and you can get more information from the result report to promote your own well-being. After the tests, it is possible to separately order a doctor's phone consultation directly from Puhdi's results report, if there is a suspicion of illness, the results are abnormal or there are symptoms.

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Guest pen author Mirka Tuovinen is responsible for service development and communication at Puh. Puhti+'s partner Puhti ( www.puhti.fi ) is a service that facilitates access to laboratory tests and makes the results easy to interpret. Several doctors are involved in the development of the service. We work in close cooperation with our partners - promoting your well-being as our common goal.

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