Beauty Sleep – Anna ihosi levätä ja uusiutua yön aikana!

Beauty Sleep - Let your skin rest and regenerate during the night!

Beauty dreams are not a myth, but a fact. The deep layers of the skin work at night to repair the damage done during the day. At night, skin cells regenerate faster and collagen production starts. Short nights' sleep and lack of sleep are not good for anyone, and sleep problems that have become chronic can also be seen on the skin. The role of a good night's sleep as part of comprehensive beauty care is central.

Sufficient and high-quality sleep is necessary for optimal skin repair. The night is the most effective time for the skin to regenerate and repair the damage caused during the day. During the day, the functions of the skin focus on protecting the skin from, among other things, climate challenges, pollution, stress and free radical attacks. The body's circadian rhythm divides the body's functions into 24-hour physiological and functional metabolic cycles.

Skin and circadian rhythm

Melatonin, known as the sleep hormone, is an important regulator of the body's circadian rhythm. Its level varies according to the circadian rhythm, being typically high at night and low during the day. Twilight and evening trigger an increase in melatonin production. Exposure to light again leads to a decrease in melatonin levels.

Skin functions that cycle according to the daily rhythm include regulation of the skin's moisture balance, collagen production, cell division and autophagy, skin blood circulation, sebum production, skin ph and temperature, and the rate of keratinocyte reproduction.

Collagen and melatonin - skin's best friends

The start of melatonin production prepares the body for sleep and nighttime processes start. For example, collagen production is at its highest at night. In order to repair and maintain its normal functions, the skin also needs building blocks. The most effective of these are young age and a varied diet that provides the most important nutrients for the skin's normal processes.

Both collagen and melatonin production decrease with aging. The decrease in the amount of melatonin affects the amount, quality and functioning of the circadian clock. The reduction in collagen production starts already around the age of 25, when less new collagen is built every year.

Perfect beauty sleep - Collagen & melatonin

Puhdas+ Collagen & melatonin contains a versatile combination of skin and hair care ingredients. The capsules are designed to be taken approximately 30 minutes before bedtime. Passionflower and melatonin support the body's preparation for rest and repair. Collagen, hyaluronic acid, resveratrol, vitamin C and biotin support the skin's supply of important nutrients. Puhdas+ Beauty Sleep capsules are designed to support perfect beauty sleep. Read more about the product.

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