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Nutritional yeast flakes 150 g

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Nutritional yeast flakes contain plenty of natural nutrients such as protein, B vitamins and folic acid. Nutritional yeast flakes are especially recommended for supplementing a vegetarian diet. Use nutritional yeast flakes as they are or, for example, sprinkled on pasta or salad. 100% vegan.

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The flakes are also suitable for seasoning soups and sauces. Nutritional yeast flakes give the food a cheesy taste and strengthen the food's own taste. Add the flakes to warm foods only a moment before consumption. Avoid intense heating as it reduces the nutritional value of the flakes.


DI: 1-5 tablespoons (5-25 g) per day. The recommended daily dose must not be exceeded. A nutritional supplement does not replace a varied and balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle. Not in the reach of children.

SV: 1-5 matskedar (5-25 g) per day. Den Recommended dygnsdose får inte överskridas. Dietary supplements do not replace a comprehensive and balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle. Förvaras oåtkomligt för barn.  


FI: inactive yeast. Does not contain lactose or gluten. Does not contain sugar, salt, starch, corn, soy, sweeteners. Suitable for vegetarians.

SV: inactive yeast. It does not contain sugar, salt, starch, corn, soy, or sweeteners. Suitable for vegetarians.

Nutritional value/näringsvärde:
100 g
1-5 tbsp/tablespoon (5-25g)
Energy/energy, kcal
341 kcal
17 – 85 kcal
Energy/energy, kJ
1428 kJ
71 – 357 kJ
4.2 g
0.21 – 1.05 g
of which you are satisfied/reserved
0.6 g
0.03 – 0.15 g
40.2 g
2.01 – 10.05 g
of which sugars/varav socker
15.6 g
0.78 - 3.9 g
21.7 g
1.09 - 5.43 g
46.4 g
2.32 – 11.6 g
0.091 g
0.005 – 0.023

Thiamin/Thiamin (B1)
3 mg
/0.15-0.75 mg (*14-68)
Riboflavin/riboflavin (B2)
6 mg
0.3-.5 mg (*21- 107%)
Niacin/niacin (B3)
37 mg
1.85-9.25 mg (*12-58%)
Pantothenic acid/pantotensic acid (B5
10 mg
0.5-2.5 mg (*8-42%)
Vitamin B6/vitamin B6
3 mg
0.15-0.75 mg (*11-54%)
30 µg
1.5-7.5 µg (*3 - 15%)
Folic acid/folic acid
1425 µg
71.3-356.3 µg (*36-178%)

*% of the reference value of daily intake/*% av referensvärdet för det dagliga intaget.


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