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Organic Chia seeds 400g

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The versatile and versatile chia seeds contain plenty of nutrients such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids as well as protein and fiber. The seeds are gluten-free and also suitable for vegans.

Chia absorbs a lot of liquid. The seeds are used by first swelling them in water. Chia seeds can thus be made into jelly or gel, which can be used to replace eggs in vegan baking, for example. It is also easy to make fresh porridge, pudding or smoothies from chia seeds swollen in water.

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EN: 1 tablespoon (15 g) per day. Chia seeds absorb 9 times the amount of liquid, so they should be swollen in water or another liquid before use. The stomach-friendly chia gel formed in this way can be used in e.g. smoothies, snacks and fresh porridge to add texture and foodiness.

SV: 1 matsked (15 g) per day. Chiafrön absorbar 9 times sin vikt i vatten , så de bör svällas i vatten eller annan väsku innan vätten. Den magvänliga chia-gelen som bildas på dettta kan util exempel i smoothies, Snacks och fresh gröt för att få struktur och matighet.


FI: Organic chia seed. Does not contain lactose, yeast or gluten.

SV: Organic Chia frön. Contains no lactose, yeast or gluten.

Nutritional content / Nutrient content 100 g

Energy 1,922 kJ (459 kcal) Fat 33.9 g

of which saturated/reserved fat 2.8 g

Omega-3 fatty acids/fattysor 21.8 g

Omega-6 fatty acids/-fattisikor 6.2 g

Carbohydrates/Kolhydrater 0.2 g

of which sugars/varav sockerarter 0 g

Dietary fiber/Fiber 34.4 g

Protein 22.9 g

Salt < 0.1 g


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