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Natural All Purpose Spray Lavender 500ml

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Natural freshness for the home!

Kotimaine Puhdas+ general cleaning spray contains relaxing lavender essential oil. The product cleans the surfaces of your home in an environmentally friendly and efficient manner. The multipurpose and ecological spray removes grease and dirt from all washable surfaces in the home, such as floors and walls, as well as various materials such as tiles.

Puhdas+ home cleaning products are manufactured in Finland with respect for nature and saving. The production process consumes little energy, which is also produced by hydropower, and the waste decomposes in nature without polluting the environment. The products are biodegradable, they break down in nature into harmless natural ingredients in a few days

The raw materials consist of natural plant- and mineral-based ingredients obtained from renewable sources. The wonderfully fresh scent of the products comes from genuine essential oils.

The products are vegan and not tested on animals.

No synthetic substances, No dyes and no artificial fragrances. No strong substances that can cause symptoms to humans or pets or harm nature

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Pudas+ home detergents are made with respect for nature. The products are biodegradable and have not been tested on animals. The raw materials consist of natural plant- and mineral-based ingredients obtained from renewable sources.

The product is vegan.


FI: Spray the ready-to-use detergent on the surfaces and wipe with a rag.

Rinse if necessary.

SV:   Spray the finished cleaning agent on the floor and wipe clean.

Skölj vid behov.


Water, vegetable oil-based detergent <5%, soda, essential oils


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