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Matcha tea

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Puhdas+ Matcha tea contains high-quality and nutrient-dense Matcha. One cup of Matcha tea has the same positive effects as 7-10 cups of regular green tea.
Matcha is bright green (almost neon green) tea ground into powder form from the leaves of a tea bush grown in the shade.

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Whereas when drinking regular green tea, you only drink the broth in which the tea leaves have been brewed, matcha tea contains the entire tea leaf.


FI: A small amount of matcha (approx. 1/2 teaspoon per cup) is mixed with hot (80 degrees) water. The tea is mixed until smooth and lump-free. You can also use a traditional bamboo whisk for mixing.

SV: Blanda en liten mövgen av matcha te i varm (80 grader) vatten. Te blandas tills det är slätt och klumfritt. You can also use a traditional bamboo whisk för att blanda.


FI: matcha tea.

SV: Matcha you.


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