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Castor oil 50 ml

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Puhdas+ Beauty Oil Castor oil moisturizes, nourishes and strengthens! The product contains high-quality cold-pressed castor oil, which is used to support the well-being of eyelashes, nails and hair. It strengthens, gives shine and promotes the growth of eyelashes and hair. Nutritious castor oil also effectively treats dry and irritated skin. Also suitable for beard and mustache care. 100% vegan.

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Castor oil is a natural way to help eyelashes grow longer and thicker, the oil also works for sparse eyebrows. The oil can be used in the finishing phase of eye make-up removal by applying the oil to the base of the eyelashes. Castor oil is also especially suitable for dry and irritated skin.


Eyelashes: Use a cotton swab to apply castor oil to the base of the eyelashes in the evening and leave it on overnight.
Eyebrows: apply castor oil to the eyebrows in the evening and leave it on overnight.
Hair and scalp care: rub castor oil into the scalp and leave it on for at least 30-60 minutes or overnight. Wash off the oil with shampoo.
Nails and cuticles: rub castor oil into nails and cuticles. Let it work overnight.

Keep out of the reach of small children. Store away from light and excessive heat. For external use only.

Ögonfransar: Apply castor oil and botten av fransarna på kvällarna with a cotton pin and let it stand over night.
Eye brows: Apply castor oil to eye brows in the evening and let it stand overnight.
Skötsel av hår og hårbotten: rub castor oil into the hair and let it stand for at least 30–60 minutes or over night. Tvätta av oljan med shampoo.
Nails and nail band: gnugga castor oil on nails and nail band. Låt stå över natten.

Förvaras utom räckhåll för små barn. Store away from light and strong heat. Only for external use.


Ricinus Communis Seed Oil.


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