Ketogeeninen ruokavalio – Puhdas+ KETO-valikoimasta parhaat tuotteet ketoosin tueksi

Ketogenic diet – The best products from the Puhdas+ KETO selection to support ketosis

The ketogenic diet has gained enormous popularity in the world as well as in Finland. Many have experienced the benefits of a ketogenic diet, e.g. a feeling of energy, help with weight management and balancing hormone activity. In a ketogenic diet, the metabolism goes into ketosis, whereby the body burns fat as fuel. In the Puhdas+ KETO product range of the Finnish supplement manufacturer, you will find the best products to enrich and support a ketogenic diet. Ketogenic diet - what is it all about? In a ketogenic diet, the amount of carbohydrates is significantly reduced by replacing carbohydrates with fat, and the metabolism goes into ketosis. In a ketogenic diet, you should get approx. 70% fat, approx. 20% protein and approx. 5-10% carbohydrates. Sugars and gluten are also banned in the ketogenic diet. The muscles and especially the brain use carbohydrates as their primary source of energy, which can be obtained from, for example, cereal products, fruits, potatoes and sweets. In a ketogenic diet, the body begins to burn fat as an energy source instead of carbohydrates. As a source of energy for the muscles and brain, fats can have many health benefits. What is ketosis? When we eat carbohydrates, our body turns them into glucose, as does some of the protein we eat. If the body's source of energy production is not carbohydrates, i.e. glucose, the body starts energy production from an alternative source: the liver starts producing ketones from body fat. If glucose is not available, the whole body, including the brain, starts using ketones, i.e. small energy molecules, as a source of energy. When the body's carbohydrate reserves are exhausted in about 12-24 hours, the liver switches to making ketones as building material fat. Insulin levels remain low and fat burning accelerates considerably. Stored fat begins to burn efficiently, without the feeling of hunger! Benefits of a ketogenic diet The ketogenic diet is often preferred by people interested in fat burning and their well-being, as well as active people. In addition to weight control, the most commonly praised benefits of the ketogenic diet are increased energy, vitality and concentration. The release of ketones leads to a lower appetite, which is why people following a ketogenic diet boast a more satiated and balanced nutritional state. Blood sugars also don't even bounce back with the consumption of carbohydrates consumed throughout the day. A ketogenic diet is a great way to get rid of a sugar addiction! Puhdas+ KETO products to support the ketogenic diet When following a ketogenic diet, it is extremely important to ensure an adequate intake of proteins and fats, electrolytes and fiber. The most important nutritional sources of the ketogenic diet are conveniently available from the Puhdas+ KETO product range. Protein & fats In a ketogenic diet, the main source of fat comes from the diet, such as avocados, fish, nuts and good quality oils. KETO Collagen & MCT and KETO Fuel products are perfect as fat and protein supplements. KETO Collagen & MCT Collagen is a protein and it is needed in our body to build tissues. Collagen is abundant in bones, joints and tendons, which is why the formation of collagen is vital for strengthening tissues. The protein in KETO Collagen & MCT is derived from high-quality Peptan collagen. You ensure a good quality protein intake without carbohydrates or calories. MCT powder, on the other hand, consists of medium-length fatty acids, which is an excellent source of energy in a ketogenic diet. Medium fatty acids are quickly used by the body due to their quick absorption. KETO Collagen & MCT is an excellent source of energy, especially during heavy exercise. KETO Fuel Choco & Coconut and Blueberry & Coconut The KETO Fuel product has a perfect amino acid profile, the right dose of good fats from coconut and high-quality whey protein isolate, which increases and maintains muscle development. Electrolytes KETO Electrolytes When you sweat during exercise, you lose both fluids and necessary electrolytes. Puhdas+ KETO Electrolyte powder contains electrolytes important to the body in just the right ratio; magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium. In addition, the product contains glycine and vitamin C, taking care of the body's fluid balance. Fluid balance essentially affects e.g. in thermoregulation, food absorption, digestion and blood pressure. KETO Electrolyte powder is an important nutritional supplement not only for active athletes, but also for those following a ketogenic diet. Carbohydrates bind a lot of liquid, so those who follow a ketogenic diet may be surprised by dehydration if they do not take care of adequate electrolyte and fluid intake. Fibers KETO Fiber Since no grain products are eaten in the ketogenic diet, the fiber intake can easily be too low. Great sources of fiber are e.g. berries, seeds and nuts. You ensure a sufficient intake of fibers with the KETO Fiber powder, titled the best on the market, which contains gentle oat fiber and hydroxytyrolizol, which is important for the health of blood vessels. KETO Fiber is 100% fiber, i.e. it does not contain any absorbable carbohydrates. Thus, it is well suited to a ketogenic diet. KETO Fiber is suitable for anyone who wants to provide intestinal bacteria with good nutrition - KETO Fiber does not burden or wear down the walls of the sensitive intestine. How do you know if your body is in ketosis? The Puhdas+ KETO product family also includes KETO Test ketosis test spoons , with which you can find out if you are in ketosis and how deep ketosis is. The package includes 100 test strips. The test is ready in 60 seconds. Have you tried the ketogenic diet yet? Puhdas+ KETO products are suitable not only for supporting a ketogenic diet, but also for anyone who wants to enrich their diet with healthy nutrients! Discover and fall in love with the KETO product family here!
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